Our Aircraft

Wiarton Aviation operates Cessna 172 aircraft for flight training, sightseeing, rental and charter purposes. The Cessna 172 is one of the most popular training aircraft out there, and its high wing configuration makes it ideal for sightseeing flights.  We currently have 3 Aircraft, all of which are 1976 Cessna 172 M models – GCTJ and GFWQ are at our Owen Sound location and GVLD is based in Wiarton.

We also operate a Flight Simulator for flight training in Owen Sound.  Students working towards a Private Pilot Licence can log 3 of the 5 hours of required instrument time on our Sim.  For Night Ratings, 5 of the 10 hours can be done in the sim.  Aspiring Commercial Pilots can do 10 of the 20 required hours in the Sim, and pilots working towards an Instrument Rating can do 20 of the required 40 hours of instrument time in the Sim.

Our Flight Simulator is an awesome addition to our training fleet.  Based on the foundation of Precision Flight Controls hardware, we have made significant upgrades and modifications to create a truly immersive experience.  Our Simulator is a Level 2 Flight Training Device certified by Transport Canada.

The Flight simulator is a valuable tool for perfecting procedural techniques under instrument conditions and is an affordable alternative to doing the flying in the aircraft.  The simulator rents out Dual for $125/hr compared to $215/hr for an hour of Dual in the aircraft!  Aspiring Instrument Rating pilots can benefit greatly by spending many hours in the Sim practicing Holds and Approaches at reduced cost!

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