Learn to Fly

landing 2Learning to fly requires both time and commitment so it makes sense to learn from great teachers to assure your success. Wiarton Aviation has been training people to fly since 2004 and in that time over a hundred people have gone on to become licensed pilots.

This experience means that we can teach you to fly better and faster than most flight training schools.  Here are a few reasons why.


Our Instructors

Our Flight Instructors are highly qualified, highly skilled pilots who love to share their passion for aviation.  When you begin your flight training with Wiarton Aviation you become a part of our flying family.  Our goal is to make people into pilots, and imparting knowledge in aviation is a never ending endeavor that we thoroughly enjoy living each day.

At Wiarton Aviation, you learn to fly from passionate experts.

Our Focus

Training is our primary activity. Our school is not just an add-on to a commercial sightseeing or charter flight service. We’ve developed a new approach called Progressive Flight Education, a modular training page that gives you measurable accomplishment levels on your way to becoming a licensed pilot. It’s a program designed to suit the time, budget and objectives of our students.

Our Location

The Wiarton International Airport is a modern facility with light flight traffic so it is an ideal training location for new pilots who can be intimidated by larger airports.  This small size results in more time in the air and less time waiting to takeoff, land and fly to the designated practice areas.  Wiarton is located on Georgian Bay next to the Bruce Peninsula, one of the most scenic areas in the province making it a pleasure to fly in this low-traffic air space. We are located 3 hours north of Toronto by car, and about an hour by airplane, so we can head down to the busy airports for a training session and be back home in a just a couple of hours.  The Wiarton Airport has some great navigational facilities such as VOR and DME, coupled with the GPS approaches make this an ideal place for learning Instrument Flying.

Advanced Training Opportunities

Once you have obtained your Private Pilot’s License you may want to advance to higher levels to further your skills and abilities as a pilot. Wiarton Aviation can provide these courses so you don’t need to change schools when looking to advance your proficiency as a pilot.

If you are already licensed, why not come to Wiarton Aviation to obtain those additional skills and experience the benefits of our small school and personalized service.  Some of these services we offer at our Wiarton location and some at our Main Base at Owen Sound Flight Services at the Owen Sound Billy Bishop Airport – CYOS.

Here are some of the additional courses we provide:

The key questions to keep in mind

Obtaining a pilot’s license takes time and is a serious financial commitment so you should choose your school carefully. We invite anyone interested to meet with us and find out more about the training program and facility. To help you in the selection process, keep the following questions in mind.

  • Who will actually be doing the training?
  • What’s the experience level of the instructors?
  • How long does it take to get licensed?
  • What’s the overall cost?
  • What are the facilities like?
  • How flexible is the training program?

Looking for a quick way to experience what flying is all about? Find out more about our unique Adventure Flight packages.

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