Flight Training Rates

Flight Training Rates

Effective February 1st, 2017

Rates may change throughout the year – current prices are on our website and are in effect from the date of their issue


Cessna 172 – Wet Rate

Cessna 172 – Dry Rate

Flight Simulator – Dual (Owen Sound Location)


Instructor – in Private Airplane

Private Pilot Ground School

* $ 155.00 / hr

$   100.00 / hr

$   125.00 / hr

$   60.00 / hr

$   75.00 / hr

$   350.00

For instruction in Private Aircraft, ensure you have read through our “Private Aircraft Handbook” document for a comprehensive outline of our policies.

Aircraft Rental – Wet Rate includes fuel from the Wiarton Airport

For “Off Base Fueling Operations” see Fueling Procedures in the Student and Renter Handbook for more details.

*Instrument Rating Training Offset
The Cessna 172 – Wet and Dry Rate is increased by $10/hr to help offset the annual fixed costs of maintaining aircraft to IFR standards.  For students working towards an Instrument Rating, the hourly cost for aircraft rental is $165/hr.  This only applies to rental of the aircraft after completion of the PPL.

The Flight Simulator is offered free of charge for solo practice, to students who are currently enrolled in an Instrument Rating Training Program, for the benefit of their education.  Post rating, use of the simulator to maintain currency is encouraged however some fees apply.  We are developing various packages to assist IFR pilots maintain their Recency 6/6/6.  Check back for more details as we complete the packages that will aid in a cost effective way to stay sharp in IFR Skills.

Payment Information

 Payments are due when services are rendered

All prices subject to HST at 13%

Debit, Cheque, Cash or E-mail Money Transfer are preferred methods of payment

Payments by Credit Card are subject to a 2% surcharge

Due tot he high service charges imposed on us by credit card companies, we are unable to process them routinely without passing on the expense to the direct user, in efforts to keep rates as low as possible for all customers and clients.

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